New Dual Occupancy

Balwyn North Townhouses

This project is a dual occupancy development in Balwyn North. The brief for this project was to provide one townhouse for the client to live in and another for a couple or family looking to downsize. The requirements were to provide separate living spaces upstairs and downstairs, making the most of the site orientation and ensuring all the spatial requirements were met.

The response to this brief was to create a 'front and back' dual occupancy development, with the driveway to the side and garages to the rear, so as to not dominate the relatively narrow street frontage with a garage. As the site has a distinct grade from east to west, a skillion roof form was chosen to emphasize the sloping nature of the site. The intent was to create two well crafted, carefully detailed modern townhouses with a mixed palette of natural, expressive materials that would sit comfortably in a street with a collection of diverse yet conservative architectural styles.