Renovation / Extension

Brighton House

This project involved a ground level renovation plus a first floor extension to an existing dwelling in the bayside suburb of Brighton.

The challenge for the ground level of this project was to maintain and respect the positive aspects of the original 1980s dwelling, whilst renovating and improving those aspects that were no longer suitable for the needs of a young family. So we relocated the laundry, renovated two bathrooms, introduced a light well/stairwell and enlarged the kitchen area which was small and inefficient.

The brief for the first floor extension was to create two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a study, however the real challenge was to design the extension such that view from master bedroom was light and spacious, but did not overlook or overshadow the surrounding neighbours, as well as make an architectural 'statement' when viewed from the backyard. The response was to create a sharp, clean, modern 'box' that cantlievered over the existing house. To the western facade, we introduced a series of angled shutters that allowed the view from the master bedroom to be light and spacious, whilst providing shade to the west and eliminated any overlooking issues.