New House

Brunswick House

This project is a new house in Brunswick amongst a number of early Victorian terrace houses.  The brief was for three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home office, a spacious living/kitchen/dining space and plenty of storage. 

At the beginning of the project, after meeting with structural engineers, geotech engineers and builders on site, it was determined that the existing Victorian terrace house had substantial structural issues which was not economical to rectify.  As such the decision was made to demolish the house and start from scratch.

The main challenges for the front facade was how to create a new, modern dwelling on a small site, and still be respectful of the period streetscape.  The response was to use the 'lines' of the streetscape - ie the horizontal verandah lines, ridge lines, roof pitch etc. but to give them a modern interpretation via removing the period details and using more modern, honest materials. 

At the rear, we had to be mindful of any potential overshadowing or visual bulk issues to both neighbouring properties, so we incorporated a pitched roof so the maximum height was in the centre of the property, and opened up the house to the backyard to create the impression of space.