Renovation / Extension

Canterbury Extension

The brief for this project was to create a new entrance and first floor extension, as well as create a newer, modern street frontage.   The existing dwelling had a number of good sized rooms and was in reasonably good condition, but lacked a sense of entry and appeared somewhat uninspiring from the street. The challenge for this project was to create a striking entrance whilst being considerate of how it would sit in the very architecturally conservative street.

The solution was to start with a large double height void inserted into the existing building, which opened up to the new rooms upstairs via an open stair.  This created a dramatic sense of space, with large areas of glass allowing light and views into the new rooms.  The pitched roof created angles that allowed for the opportunity for dynamic window shapes as well as making reference to all the other pitched roofs on neighbouring properties.

The result was a finished product that not only met the client's brief, but gave the house a sense of space, light and just as important, an sense of individuality that was lacking in the original house.