Renovation / Extension

Clifton Hill Extension

This project is a rear extension to a double fronted victorian terrace house in Clifton Hill.  The existing house had three good rooms, but the kitchen and wet areas weren't habitable.  The brief was to create a new living, dining, kitchen area, upstairs bedrooms, a bathroom, a roof deck and a garage to the rear of the site.

The main challenges of the project was how to incorporate the extension into the neighbourhood character of the area by considering site lines and to minimise visual bulk from neighbouring properties and consideration of the heritage facade.  The response was to create a rear extension that was visually 'broken up' using different forms, textures and materials to minimise visual bulk, and by setting the extension well back so it wouldn't be visible from the street.  In addition the first floor has strategically placed window and skylights to prevent any overlooking, but requiring minimal screening.

On the northern facade, adjustable external blinds have been incorporated into the facade to provide shade to the northern facade in summer.