Alterations and Additions

Hawthorn East Extension

Original 1920s Californian Bungalows often have the same layouts – a fairly square layout with the formal rooms on one side, bedrooms on the other, and the kitchen in the middle.  However this also comes with a number drawbacks – a dark, small kitchen, no flow from front to back, a small living room and very little connection to the backyard.  The challenge with this renovation/extension to this home in Hawthorn East was to open up the middle of the house to bring light and space into the central kitchen, allow for better circulation from the entrance and to connect the living spaces with the backyard.

This was done by removing a number of internal walls and opening up the central kitchen space, which also allowed circulation past the kitchen rather than through it.  This leads to a new, larger dining and living space which open to an expansive outdoor terrace via fine steel framed doors.

The outdoor terrace is protected from the elements by a white pergola structure which creates reflected light into the living spaces.  The extension then connects to the backyard via a series of platform landings connected by floating steps.

Sustainable materials were carefully chosen to provide individuality to each space via subtle textures and colours and to create different moods throughout the house.

The result is a beautifully crafted house that creates light, liveable and modern spaces that also respects the character of the original period home.