New House

McCrae Beach House

This project is a new beach house along the Mornington Peninsula, in McCrae.  The site is sloping towards the west, with potential ocean views from the rear of the site.  The brief for the house was to have flexible, multi-purpose spaces, including separate living spaces and a meditation room.

The main challenges of this site included how to capture the ocean views whilst dealing with council height restrictions, and how to gain vehicular access and parking on the steeply sloping site.

Due to the proximity of existing vegetation, the building also had to be compliant with bushfire attack regulations.   The response to this was to have openable metal bushfire shutters on the external facade that would 'open up' the house when in use, but would also close and protect the house when not being used.  These shutters would also become a feature of the house, emphasizing the purity of the rectangular form when viewed externally.