Renovation / Extension

Port Melbourne Extension

This project involved renovating and extending an existing, dilapidated single fronted, double storey, early Victorian house in Port Melbourne. The main challenges for this project were how to make the house on a narrow site feel spacious and light, and how to deal with crumbling walls on boundary, poor soil conditions and structural issues whilst on a tight budget. The spatial brief was to create a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with two living spaces whilst maintaining the heritage faƧade.

The design responded to these constraints by utilizing cleverly proportioned, multi-purpose spaces, internal light courts for sunlight, an open stair and carefully considered materials, colours and textures to create a spacious, light, yet comfortable new home.

The house also had to be designed in close conjunction with the structural engineers to be lightweight, with external walls constructed on the ground and tilted into place to minimise the depth of the footings required and eliminate the use of external scaffold whilst supporting the existing walls on boundary.